Goddess Kiffa — Ненасытный психолог

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The Sexy Greedy and Mean Psychologist was curious, and she realised that the problem is real! So she decides to take advantage of this loser! She seduces him even more with her feet! She promess him for the ‘’cure’’ of his problem! She continues seducing him with her feet, she keeps raising the bill even more every time the patient says what he likes. Eventually, the Sexy Greedy and Mean Psychologist do some tests with the patient to see how he responds, and to see how much of a loser and addicted to feet he is! Turns out he is a really addicted foot fetish guy! So, she ripped him off! And turns out he kissed and licked her feet very well, she even ordered him to lick the way she wanted her feet licked! KIFFA FEET DEUSA: «VITORIA VONTEESE — THE SEXY GREEDY PSYCHOLOGIST»

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